Bacterial Products

Bakteriyel Ürünler Bakteriyel Ürünler Bakteriyel Ürünler
In Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Biosystem AS is a biological product formulated for augmenting the natural biology of municipal activated sludge systems and to help lower the organic content of the waste.
  • This blend of bacteria is effective under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, providing accelerated digestion of sludge including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Clogged Pipes
Bakteriyel Ürünler
  • When applied on a regular basis, Treatment Bacteria reduces the accumulation of grease in sumps, drains, traps, and garbage disposal systems. By degrading the grease, other solids are free to flow through the system. Eliminating the existing build-up in the pipe will also eliminate the odors that often originate from drains. Same Bacteria is works by direct addition to drains and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings. The concentrated bacterial compositions are also ideal in residential applications for cleaning and maintaining drains and garbage disposals.
In Waste Water Pump Stations
Bakteriyel Ürünler
  • Biosystems Cube is a bacterial laden block designed to provide continuous biological treatment over a 30 – 45 day period. Simple and easy to use, Biosystems Cube dissolves gradually releasing billions of beneficial bacteria into the lift station to handle waste high in hydrocarbons, and maintain clean, free flowing systems.

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